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Cutting Copolymer Acetal with a Laser

So I bought some HDPE plastic sheet as well as some product online. To examine them out on my laser cutter and also initial I need to find out the ideal setups for them. So let’s enter into the LaserCad. I’m most likely to make five boxes. And each box will have various settings. So I will certainly know what’s the best for the wood product. Now allow pick draw rectangular shape. And after that change it to 20mm. And after that allow most likely to tool. Array clone, let’s make 5 of them. Offset 2. So now we have 5 of them. Now let’s choose the first one. OK, now let’s most likely to layer choice. Let’s select cut. Maximum power allow try 80%. As well as minimal power 70%. For speed, allow start from 100%. And click OK. Currently let’s choose the 2nd box as well as change the shade to blue. To make sure that I know which one is which one, so I understand the setting. Let’s choose cut and additionally maximum power 80%, minimum power 70%. Primarily currently we’re simply altering the speed.

From my last experience I think the speed has an effect on completion result. So let’s alter it to 80. And afterwards the following one. Same maximum power as well as minimum power. I am just altering the speed. I reduced the setting by 20. And also choose the next one. OK, now allow check the settings. Looks penalty. Let’s download the record. Oh, wait. I need to turn on the laser cutter initially. So we can cancel that. It is smoky. I don’t know if you can see the last one puncture. The rate is 20%. This looks penalty. I would most likely mess around with the settings later on.

I should change the minimal power. Reduced it a bit. Because today the outline of the box looks a little light brown. Now allow attempt engraving. Allow utilize the exact same boxes. Let’s alter the layer alternative to inscribe. So we can go back to our LaserCad program. As well as alter it to etch. Power 40, pressure 50. Let’s change the rate to 300. And also the 2nd one is heaven one. And additionally transform it to engrave. Currently allow alter the power to 35% yet the rate stay the very same. To ensure that we know if this is effective sufficient. It is a little bit smokey now. That’s why I close the maker to let the follower blow it out a little. So it turns out fantastic. The etching looks fantastic. It’s better than the cutting work. So I’m most likely to jot down the setups. And also I’m probably going to attempt these settings on other product also. So following step I’m probably going to try the POM material.

I got this online. People say POM-C is more powerful than HDPE sheets. So it is most likely to require even more power I believe. However I am most likely to utilize the setup I utilized before initially. However this time around I am most likely to keep the device close. Because more power it means even more fume. Some individuals may intend to make use of PVC or other types of plastic sheet. You can’t utilize PVC or Polycarbonate in your laser cutter. Due to the fact that in the process it launches a poisonous fume. It’s going threaten. So don’t do that. Today we are just going to try out the POM as well as see if it works. My eyes. It is not the scent, it is the fume that makes my eyes watery. So it ends up like this. As well as it didn’t go all the way via POM. Yet the fume that it releases makes me really feel type of revolting.

Also the fume smells bad, I obtained my timer below. So I am most likely to set it to 5 mins. Prior to I open the laser cutter. I think what the hell, I am going to see if it can cut through I am going to change the speed in LaserCad. Well, well, well. It cuts through this moment. However I didn’t turn up the power. I simply alter the speed setup. I reduced the setting from 20 to 4. So this is 20, 10. 8, 6 and 4. They all went through. As well as they look great, I rejoice they went through this moment.

However the smell I just can not stand it. I assume as long as I keep the cover shut, it will be fine. I’ll figure something to cut. With HDPE or perhaps POM, that would certainly behave. I think it is going to be smelly and also untidy Yet I’m most likely to do anyway. I want to know if it can etch externally. I did reducing in the past, it didn’t experience. However the layer alternative is for reducing. Now we are switching it to engrave and also see if it can do it. I do not think it can. However I am curious. So let’s transform the job mode in LaserCad from cut to inscribe. As well as I’m not going to change the power this moment.

I’m going to change the rate instead. I would certainly start from 100. Despite from the smell, I believe I did it. It successfully engrave on the first layer. What the hell, something comes off as well as stick on my fingers. Looks like paint White paint comes off on my finger. So, currently I recognize these two material works penalty. I just need to think about a project that I could utilize the laser cutter for. And also please subscribe. The even more fans I have, the less complicated I can obtain even more evaluation devices. And bear in mind if I can do it, anyone can do it!

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