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The Best Machining Plastic Material is Dupont Delrin

Dupont Delrin resins are processed into a wide variety of plastic material shapes. Common shapes are Delrin Rod and Delrin Sheet. Other shapes and configurations are also run on a custom basis regularly.Why Use Dupont Delrin Rod?One key advantage to make Dupont Delrin Rod and Dupont Delrin Sheet is the very user friendly processing into parts. Delrin materials machine with ease, and yield beautiful finished parts. Turning on a lathe or milling on a milling machine are both common methods of machining these Acetal based materials. The is also called POM-C Acetal, and the Delrin is called POM-H Acetal.[lsup_random_image]Comparing Dupont Delrin to Dupont Delrin is the Homopolymer version of the common Acetal resins. Both the and the Delrin Homopolymer are easy to machine.Both versions of the Acetal Resins are produced into stock shapes ready for machining. These popular plastics are machined into a vast range of finished parts, from Scottish Bagpipe chanters to self lubricating pulleys. Delrin parts are also very popular for water related parts, like valve bodies, toilet lever components and wear plates in liquid seats. Many automotive parts are molded or machined for use in today’s autos. These parts wear well, have a very high strength to weight ratio which helps reduce the overall weight of a finished car without giving up performance.[lsup_random_image]Tough and Easy To MachineCutting and processing Acetal on common CNC milling and CNC lathes speeds the production and accuracy of finished parts, while not affecting the look and feel of these parts. Known for high mechanical strength, hardness, toughness and excellent wear resistance. Acetal is also considered one of the best self-lubricated base resins, meaning that a finished Acetal part does not require regular maintenance.Use Acetal Copolymer or Dupont Delrin Sheets and Rods For Your Next Project