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Why Choose Between Copolymer Acetal Plastic or the famous DuPont Delrin? It is the debate that makes the world go round.

It might seem like an impossible choice to buy that Acetal Plastic from DuPont Delrin materials. The two industries are large and different, and there is no substitute for hearing a live conversation between someone who has no axe to grind, and a person who is constantly on the defensive. This is, after all, a world of shareholders and executive, and a world where both sides may become personally uninteresting.

When I was a kid, I used to hold it up to the light, and look at the different color combination, and debate whether which acetal plastic to use, if you could. Which acetal plastic? What was this?

Why, it was a question I thought all the time. Why should we have to choose between Styrofoam and plastic when we have one goal, and that is to create a piece of equipment that we will cherish forever? It was always obvious that we would choose. That has remained true of me as an adult.

Turning Dupont Delrin on a lathe

What I would like to cover in this article is the dangers of what to use as a plastic. This article is not a review of the technology behind the plastic, nor does it cover the differences between polystyrene and acetal copolymer. Those are worthy topics, and things worth knowing. This article is more in the nature of suggestions for the consumer.

The key safety issue is to keep the product away from any solvents, not including acetone. Any solvent used on the plastic products should be a solvent that is specifically applied to products. You should not have to worry about any other solvent for that matter.

Any solvent should be contained in a bottle tops. The solvent should be contained in what you use to clean your equipment. Also, the work areas should be protected from exposure to the solvent. Any protective clothing should be removed if there is any source of exposure.

Polyethylene, or Vinyl acetate plastic is the easiest choice. Polyester is easier to work with, and it is fairly easy to be molded. You will find polyester on an average body size piece of equipment. Therefore, polyester should be the material you choose.

Natural and Black Acetal Copolymer sheet and rod

If you are choosing Which Acetal Plastic From Dupont Delrin for your business, or for your end user, you should be looking at the Dupont Delrin 150SA or the Dupont Delrin Acetal Homopolymer. If you are looking at a simple piece of equipment, like a coffee maker, you will want to purchase the Polypropylene. If you are working with machines, or a wide range of products, you will want to look at the Dupont Delrin H. Even though the material might cost more, the savings in labor cost and in the equipment will be higher, and so will the overall cost of the material.

Which Acetal Plastic From Dupont Delrin is the only choice? Please consider all this and keep informed. When you are confused, there is always someone here to guide you. Contact us for assistance or with any questions.

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